Friday, March 17, 2017

The return of the Honey Do list...

These past weeks, my girlfriend has been moving in, that meant some re-arranging and small projects around the house to accommodate her stuff...
I may have lost a closet(s) but I gained so much more :-)

This move will save untold amount of gas for our vehicles and help save the planet... You're welcome :-)

It was the calm before the storm...
Well this last one was a bust really, 
was not even worth getting the snowblower out!
The Grand peanuts are checking my Blog on my IPad while Rudy is looking for trouble :-)

Part of this re-organization throughout the house, meant I had to round up tools stashed everywhere. Some I knew, some I forgot I put away.

Took the opportunity between coats of paint drying, to update my files about these tools. Took pics, round up whatever documentation and history I found so far about them and re-stashed my stash somewhere else... Temporarily...

Stash-O-Tool Tm

 My hand tools shop downstairs is a disaster zone. Maybe if I declared it as such, I could get the military to help? humm probably not, their occupied elsewhere ...

Yes, that is an antique Rip frame saw I recently found :-)

As more stuff is pushed into the garage, it is a good time as any to get a head start on this year Spring cleanup, so may as well, besides I so need the space right now! :-)

So for the short little while, that is what I will be doing, so my blog will remain quiet for a short while.

Heh, do you mind...Trying to sleep over here

Catch you all on the flip side... and keep your stick on the ice, Heh!


  1. Bob,

    Good on you. As my very wise neighbor once said "Mr. Ken it is not good for a man to be without a Senorita".


  2. Hi Bob
    That is a very noble project to undertake, I have full understanding that it will be more important than keeping your blog super active.

    I wish you all the best for the time being and hope that you will soon be able to wake up next to your girlfriend and have a cup of morning coffee together.

    Lots of thoughts and barks
    Jonas + Bertha

  3. LOL you have a wise neighbour Ken :-)

  4. Hi Jonas, thanks for the encouragements, and yes we had coffee in the morning together :-)