Friday, November 4, 2016

And we are back ....again

Rudy and I just returned from Montreal, we went to an old friend funeral service.
We first meet in CFB Greenwood back in 1977, Mario was a Weapons Tech Air 571, I was a Radar System Tech 523.

As usual Rudy travel with me, but this time he stayed overnite in Quebec city with my friends Francois and Jacynthe, other fellow vets from our days in Greenwood in the 70s. They retired from CFB Valcartier, home to the famed R22R, infantry regiment. In our military all flying assets belongs to the Airforce, even those attached to the Army or the Navy, so we get to play soldier or sailor with our fellow brother's services.  Years of fun :-)

Since Aug 22 Rudy has now traveled almost 14,000 Kms. No, Ken, I have no idea how many miles that is :-) He is a good travelling companion and never complaint, as long as he is with his daddy :-)

As you can see, he does not look worse for wear :-)
(No this is not a picture of Rudy)

In my travel I saw ads on the side of the highway in Moncton NB, for a Sunday indoor flea market, as I saw it was located right by the highway, it was not much of a detour :-)

Sure enough found some tools....

Picked up a Jack plane from A. Monty Roxton Pond Quebec, a Stanley No 41 pocket level and a Goodell-Pratt No 83 ratchet handle which came with a countersink brace bit.

I also made a chocolate run (Tm) shortly before leaving and came back with a few more finds... besides the chocolate :-)

A wooden brace missing its pad's bits, a reverse Ogee moulding plane, a dual beam mortise gauge, a Stanley No 207A bench stop and a Stanley No 65 marking gauge.

At the rate I am accumulating tools, I will need to spend a marathon, researching, cleaning, and fetling all these tools.

In the mean time, my next woodworking project would be making a small box for a friend small dog, who is not expected to last much longer... :-(
As soon as I get more details from her, I will get on with it.

In the mean time, I don't plan on anymore trips away until early December...

Bob and Rudy, starting to feel the Kms... Sure glad I drive a Lincoln :-)


  1. I figured that picture couldn't be Rudy - too much hair. Glad you're home safe - hadn't heard from you in a while.

  2. Bob,

    It should be just under 9000 SM or about 7600 NM. Anyway you measure it it a lot of travel. In the IV it would be one tech stop and about 17 hours of watching the world go by if the WX was good and winds favorable.

    Good to know you'll are OK and the trip went well.


  3. Hi Matt
    Yes, i have been on the run for a while, currently in the city, going back home today.
    You are correct, that is not Rudy, he does not have that much hair 😜 But it is the same breed, Chinese crested puff, mine is the
    Hairless version. From one litter to the next you get some of both

    Bob and Rudy in Halifax

  4. Hi Ken
    I knew ill get a comment from you about the mileage he he.
    Ah yes, in a Gulfstream IV it would be a smidgen faster i recon... :-)
    Been catching up with Ralph blog this AM, agrred with you, dont like to throw stuff away neither, i rather give it to someone who appreciate it...
    I am so overdue for a clean up in my shop....

    Bob and Rudy having a lazy morning in Halifax