Saturday, April 2, 2016

Recents happenings

Every-times we have a chance we introduced Rudy to other family pets.
This time it was three of his cousin's dogs who also happened to be service dogs.
They are trained to go in hospital and visits with seniors, vets and hospitalized people. Hopefully Rudy learned a things or two from them and did not gave them any bad habits :-)

From top L-R
Chuck, Rudy, Lady and Foster.

Foster is a 17 year old dog who is now blind but still an effective 
service dog in demand.

Friday during my respite care time off, I did my usual quick scan of my locals antiques places looking for tools. The picking is getting slim, hummm I wonder why :-) Nonetheless I managed to find a few interesting things.

A small chisel, a very small screwdriver and a small saw jointer.
Total outlay, less than $20, not bad, especially since these came from antique dealers.

The small jointer is marked SDA Co No 205
That would be Shurley Dietrich Atkins (after 1931) 

Found these pics from an EBay listings. 
Too bad the seller did not scan the whole instruction sheet 

So apparently these were painted blue when new.
I've seen enough of them on line to confirm that. 

A quick clean up of the chisel with sand paper and WD40.

That is how small it really is, I will turn it into a small paring chisel 
as it is also on the thin side, about 1/8 in thick.
 Did not found any markings on it.

Obviously a Metric chisel it measured 12 mm.

Not quite a 1/2 in, so must be European

There is still pitting to go thru on the back 
before it can be properly sharpen.

Once cleaned up I found markings on the screwdriver:

A quick google search turns up that, these tools were distributed by an American named Damon Raike and his tools were made in Germany. Roughly 1910-1922.
Tariff legislation's (buy American) killed his business in 1922.
It is really a very small screwdriver and well made.

The tip measure 3/8 in wide and is just the right size for the screws 
on my small S.D.A. Maple Leaf Web saw jointer No 205.
What a happy coincidence :-)

Also made some progress on rehabilitating our youngest son table lamps that I made many years ago from recycled Lightning arrestor (or more like Lightning attractor if you asked me :-) These came from our century old house were the kids grew up.
The original base I made was too small and light so I added a bigger base in Oak to match the original. I mitered four pieces of roughly 1 in thick, it really add weight, and it also leave an opening under to add more weight if required. 

Modified lamps base.

I'm hoping to finish them before his birthday on the 6th of this month.
All I need is "some" free time to get it done... Easier said than done ...

Gotta go, someones wants to play ball...

Rudy turned 9 months old on Mar 15th

Bob, making slow progress.


  1. OK Bob, but did you need those old tools? Or were they just calling you from their bins in the store?

    Good finds.

  2. Don't forget to post the pic of the lamp if you get it done for the 6th.

  3. Hi Bob,
    cool herd :-)
    And, nice finds. As you I'm always keep my eyes open for vintage tools on flea markets. Sometimes one is successful. Sometimes not so much.
    @ Matt
    No, in most cases you don't need it. It's more to protect them from getting lost.

    Stefan, getting out to the Sunday flea market in a few minutes.

  4. HI Matt
    yahhhh I needed them :-)
    OK, full confession, my magnetic personality attract rust what can I say? :-)

  5. Yes Ralph, I will even if Im late ...


  6. Hi Stefan
    Me too, I can never resist stopping and looking, you never know what awaits you :-)
    Here the summer yard sales have not started yet, but should be soon if this weather holds up.
    Happy hunting

  7. Thanks Paul, yes a house full of critters is good for the moral.
    So far Rudy has been exposed to cats and dogs of all sizes with no problems, he is well mannered....well sometimes :-)
    He is going his puppy teenage years now and his little character is showing :-)

    Bob, looking for one of his shoe's insoles...