Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Yet another mitre box and saw

Yap, picked up another Stanley No 60 MB off Kijiji (like Craig list in Canada) while we were staying in the city for her treatments.

As picked up, I did not knew what kind of MB and
 in which condition it would be.

For the low price of $15, I was more interested in the saw, but was glad to find a very good condition Stanley No 60 with it.

It used to be, I could never find a half decent miter box, locally, now thanks largely to Kijiji, they seems to be coming out everywhere. If you live in Canada, look up Kijiji, or Craig list in the US.  Ebay? Not unless you are prepared for high shipping charges, and even then, there are no guarantee that it would make it safely home. If you must have it shipped, instruct the dealer to take down both saw post, otherwise they run the risk of being damaged in transit.

This MB is in very good shape, would need a good cleaning and a new bed piece.

Here we can see the two screw points poking out (arrows) which are adjustable in and out. Their function is to grab the piece so it would not shift during the cut.
The wooden bed piece is the correct height (could be original) but it is chew up pretty bad and there is a chunk missing.

No big whoup to fix. If you recall my previous one, the bed piece was too thick and was covering up those two grab screws.

The post are both solid, with no play and are pretty well complete, except for one little screw.
Front post and release trip lever. There is one small screw missing, but I just happened to have a spare MB 60 for parts :-)

Rear post and release trip lever. That part was missing on the other one.
I may used it to manufacture a new one for the other one? 
The front and rear one look identical.

The 24 in saw (60.96 Cm for Ken :-) that came with it, does not appear to be stamped Disston, and the medallion is marked Warranted Superior. The handle shape is very similar to my other one (stamped Disston) except that this one is more blocky and the hang angle is changed a bit. That means it is a bit newer than my other one. Guessing early 70s?

The teeth are still sharp at the heel, but shows signs of being worn at the front (toe and mid section) I doubt it was ever sharpen and judging by the score marks on the wooden bed piece had lots of uses.  It came from an older gentleman who is retiring from woodworking for heath reasons. He was very happy to hear I fully intend to put it back in service, it will go on for a few more generations :-)

Rudy checking out "our" new toy.

It's OK dad, I think it is a good one...

It came mounted on a board, which I will replaced.

Rudy, happy to be back home with his Mommy and Daddy :-)

Bob, back from the city with Heather and Rudy.
Heather is showing signs of improvements, less pain, discomfort and more flexibility in her neck. She has even regained some appetite, bonus!


  1. Good news about Heather is always good to read.
    How many MBs does this make?

  2. This make No 4, my original Stanley No 150, my Craftsman and my two Stanley No 60. I will put back into service my newer No 60, but may try to fix the older one broken one as an exercise in rehabilitation.
    Still don't have the elusive Langdon MB but I think, I'll stop here, unless... :-)

  3. Hi Bob,
    real nice find. There are just a few Ulmia MB to find from time to time here in good old Germany :-). But the prices are pretty high.
    Seems that Rudi is really satisfied. Good to hear about your improvements.
    Once again all the best.

  4. Thanks Stefan, appreciated.

  5. Bob,

    There you go spending my money. A MB wasn't on the radar until....

    Rudy looks happy, good to hear Heather is home and better.


  6. HI Ken
    Its not something I'll uses much, not yet anyway, but unless found locally, not worth the expense of shipping. Between the now duplicate MB 60, I can make a perfect one, and everything 'I need to duplicate missing trip lever. But unless I can salvaged the bottom brazing job on the rear post, that other one is toast...
    Still, total outlays plus spare parts, CDN $30.00 Its not a Langdon or an older/better Stanley, but it work fine, very fine with a properly sharpened saw plate :-) I'm Happy...good hunt .

    Bob, the enabler :-)

  7. Oh, and now that have in effect, TWO miter saw for it, I can tuned one for hardwood and the other for softwood. And I just happened to have ONE opening in my sawtill, miter saws section... Hummm coincidences? :-)

    Bob, the Machiavellian tool horder

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