Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year

The New Year has already begun around the world, I believe that New Zealand was one of the first to ring in the New Year...

Here is hoping that the New Year, 2016, finds everyone in good health to enjoy some peace and happiness wherever you may be residing anywhere on this planet of ours.

From our family to yours, Happy New Year

I recently started to index my 2015 posts by adding labels. Also found out that I can go back and fixed typos etc without screwing up the date time stamp, yeah!

So I will slowly go over my 177 posts and make some small corrections as needed. For example I relocated Ken from Colorado to Arizona :-)
Apparently it is warmer in AZ...

Coming up in the new year, I will shortly kick start my ongoing shop re-organization by making a few more shop projects:
A bottom chest for my small antique joiner tool chest and a couple of boring tills;
one for my hand tool shop and another for the power tool room (garage).

I plan on finishing this on going re-organization and start in earnest on some woodworking projects: I want to try making a chair and get some turning experience under my belt. Then there is that long awaited harvest (dining) table that she want, and Oh, want to experiment with veneers and inlays.

There will also be more posts on various tools, as I acquire new ones or restore some...

So stay tuned, more coming into the new year

Bob, wishing everyone a Happy new year and peace on earth in our lifetimes.


  1. I'm glad to hear about the upcoming projects. Your posts (on old tools especially) are some of the most informative out there. I wish the best of health for your wife and you in 2016.


  2. Bob and Heather
    heureuse nouvelle année et je l'espère , il vaut mieux que le précédent

  3. Eh eh not bad French Ralph :-)
    Bonne et heureuse annee et, en esperant qu'elle sera mieux que la precedente
    Happy new year and here's hoping it would be better than the last one

    Something like that, but i get the jist of what you wrote :-)
    Thanks and you too

  4. Hi Paul, thank you
    You may have noticed that I am passionate about old tools :-)
    There is so much to learn about woodworking and the tools we uses, i hope to contributes some more into the new year.

    Heather next chemo treatment is early next week, hopefully it will help keep that darn disease in check.

  5. Hi Bob

    The best wishes for a happy 2016.

    Best regards

  6. Same to you Jonas
    Bob, Heather and Rudy

  7. Bob,

    As always I'm late to the party....Pretty much the story of my life :-). Which BTW, hasn't been bad for a dumb old West Texas Farm Boy, my life that is not the being late to the party part.

    OKGuy, MsBubba, and the Critters wish you, Heather and Ruddy the best for the coming year. BTW, that sorry lot is also known as Ken, Pat, Sam the Wonder Dog, and Sweet Maggie Dog.

    Happy New Year,


  8. Bob,

    Blogger posted twice for some reason, I wish it would let me edit as well as delete...After posting I noticed I gave Rudy an extra "d". He is a extra special Dog so maybe he deserves an extra "d".


  9. LOL Ken, I deleted your extra post. For some reasons it seems to happened a lot lately, not sure why??

    And yes Rudy is extra special doggy :-)
    Happy new year to the whole OK's clans

  10. Hi Bob,
    a Happy New Year to you and your family too. I wish you all the best for the upcoming year.
    Good to read that you are planning some new projects. I'm curious to read about it.