Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas around the globe from the Demers family

As we quickly approach Christmas and the beginning of a new year, I want to take the time to wish all my readers around the world, Peace on earth and to all a Merry Christmas (or whatever you happen to celebrate)

Heather, Ruddy and myself

2015 has been a very trying year for us, here is hoping 2016 bring some better "news".

It is also the reason why I started this blog, as a much needed distraction to help me cope with everything going on in our lives. Some day it's working, some days not so much...

Nonetheless I managed to make some progress in my little hand tool shop in the basement, and we survived the Snow Armageddon of 2015.

Snow blowing my way up my driveway, 125 ft of it... 

Some people think that a beard keep you warmer in the winter.
I beg to differ :-)

Blogging has forced me to look at my shop surrounding in a different eye. Since lots of my pic are taken inside it, it has started a cascading effect of organization and beautification projects :-)

First was the bench wall makeover, I fixed the wall then primed and painted it.
I got two walls done and a third in quasi progress...

From this

To  this; Two plane tills and a saw till

and the next wall

and this wall...well lets just say I'm not done with it :-)

It looks a lot better with only those LEDs on :-)

Managed to also built two long needed shop projects:

A dedicated sharpening station

And a saw bench/mortising bench.
It often comes in handy as a small assembly table and finishing stand :-)

My existing small joiner bench also got a due over, and its leg vise got rehabbed

In order to complete my shop make over and make it even more functional, I still need to build a proper base for my small antique tool chest and, gasp, yet another till... A boring till :-)
Other projects will include a better way to store/use my growing I mean assortment of Miter Boxes :-) and probably more storage options.
Oh, and I also need a mate for my saw bench. This time I think I may do a Schwarz's traditional English version.

Another long overdue project is to start in earnest clearing up the garage, AKA the power tool shop.
This year I added two new additions, a wood lathe and a power jointer

The Rockwell/Beaver lathe

The Delta 6 in jointer kit from Ralph 
Still a work in progress, need more space...

This year, I also managed to squeeze in some renovations projects for friends, into my busy social calendar :-)

But I would be remiss if I did not mentioned some of my new friends I made thru this blog.

Ralph Boumenot of the Accidental woodworker and his wife Diane, which we met during our little excursion to Boston this past June.

Our wifes mentioned numerous times that we are very much alike :-)
Found out we even share the same birthday, if someone broke the mold after us, it was after we were both born, spooky (cue music from the Twilight zone :-)

Others I have yet to met, but share kind spirit from across the globe:
Ken Hatch of the I'm a OK guy from Tucson Arizona,
Jonas Jensen of the Mulesaw from Mors Denmark,
Brian Eve of the Toolerable from Germany 
Gerhard Marx of the Jenesaisquoiwoodworking from Namibia, in Africa
Stefan Schreiber of the Blue Spruce woodshop, from North Rhine Westphalia, Germany
And many others who have left comments on my numerous posts, I thank you all for your encouraging comments.

So here is to 2016 hope it brings to you all, health and happiness where ever you are.


Bob, who should hopefully be back in the shop and on line blogging more often in the new year.

Peace on earth to men of good will


  1. Merry merry to u too Monsieur Blogger, I so enjoy your posts!!

  2. Thanks and Merry Christmas to you and Eric :-)

  3. Bob,
    Nice retrospect of the year. Bit early or are you getting a jump on New Years Eve?
    BTW I think you should turn your current bench into a sharpening one and build a new one.

  4. Merry Christmas Bob and Heather.

  5. Merry Christmas to you, Bob. You've given so much to the online woodworking community. I hope your 2016 is full of better things for you and your wife.

  6. Merry Christmas Bob from someone you've already met, and who enjoys your company, both in-person and on-line.

    Terry McClean

  7. Hi Terry. Yes its been awhile, hoping to able to swing by Ottawa maybe this summer. We would have to reconnect for sure :-)
    Im also long overdue for a trip to The Tool Of The Trade shows, i still have fond memories of those trips we took together.

    Merry christmas buddy

  8. Thanks Matt. Im glad my little contributions are appreciated, i'll try to keep it up in the new year :-)
    Have a great holiday with your loves one

  9. Thank you Ridgetech may you have a great holiday with your family

  10. Hi Ralph
    Funny you said that, i have been thinking seriously of building another bench for a while, longer for sure. Will see just how much room i can spare once i finish organizing my little shop. I suppose i could also put one in the garage ;-)
    Merry Christmas and looking forward to catch up with you and Dianne later in the new year.

    Bob, who was up late with family and friends and a house full of critters :-)

  11. Merry Christmas to the three of you.
    Lots of thoughts from the windy Norwegian west coast.


  12. Hi Jonas
    Merry Christmas to you, your family and your mates at sea

  13. A bit late for xmas but wishes you and Heater the best for the new year.

  14. Oops
    I mean Heather.

  15. Thats quite allright Sylvain, and we both thank you

  16. Bob,

    I missed Christmas, Mexico don'tchknow, but the best to you, Heather, and Ruddy.

    What is this snow blower of which you speak? Strange customs of the North? :-).

    I like the work on the shop, I'm hope I can find time and energy to do the same this coming year.

    BTW, Tucson is in AZ. You can say what you want but I ain't ever going to live North of the Red River :-). I did grow up watching Oklahoma blow by my bedroom window during the drought of the late '40s early '50s so maybe that counts :-).

    Hoping the best for you'll during the new year.


  17. Oups, I guess im geography challenged, either that or too much eggnog (also called Moose milk around here :-)
    My snow blower is still resting inside my garage, but it may see action in the AM, we have our first snow storm forecasted :-(
    Hope you had a great Christmas way south of the red river ( Mexico don'tchknow :-)
    Whishing you a happy new year