Saturday, October 10, 2015

Oups, I did it again...

The other day before I went to the Lee Valley antique tool sale, I made a list of specific Hollow & Rounds I was looking for.
Made a list, check it twice (?) and stuck to it!

Well... I still managed to buy duplicates.  I bought a pair of No 16 H&R, but I already had some...

Yesterday, after I picked up my wife, she wanted to go to LV to buy a jug of Evapo-Rust.  I previously shown her some of the products I used to de-rust my tools, and she start using them on her sewing machines.
I already had to replaced my tube of Autosol, now it was the turn of Evapo-Rust. Who am I to argue with her, you want to go to LV, I'll make a small detour. Well actually, it is "conveniently" on our way, but I digress :-)

While I was there, I noticed they had a few wooden planes left over from their antique tool sale of the other day.  I inquired if they were for sale and they said yes.  Hummm, maybe I can pick up another H&R pair and make up for my last goof.

Did not had my list with me (did not do any good the other day anyway) so I guessed that what I was starting to accumulated were the Nos 14s, so I should get that pair on the shelf, it looked bigger more like a No 16 or 18.

Yes, that's right, managed to picked up yet another pair of No 16... Way to go, doh!

Oh, well, if anybody knows a better way to downsize my collection of H&R let me know, my current methodology does not appear to work very well :-)

I started with one lonely No 16 skew Hollow (still lonely) 

and now got 3 complete pairs, plus one H

So obviously my Eye Ball Mark II, need to be re calibrated, cause I am still guessing my sizes wrong. And strangely enough, I taught that it would be easier guessing the largest sizes by eye than the smaller ones!!!, sigh!...

Bob, will brake for Moulding planes, but NO, I do not want another set of No 16.


  1. What is the pitch on them Bob? Maybe you lucked out and got a set for softwoods and one for hardwoods.

  2. Good point, don't know yet, but they all appeared to be close.
    I obviously need to do more research on them and come up with a better list :-)

    You may have notice that one of them is 10 in long, that makes it much older than the rest, they long standardize to 9-1/2 in long.

    Bob, apparently collecting H&R No 16 for whatever reasons...