Saturday, October 3, 2015

Back in the shop....

But my heart is not into it.   Hence I am not about to start any new projects, but will just puttering on small stuff.   So why bother and keep blogging?   Because I so need the distractions right now :-(

So then I'll just try to keep myself occupied as best I can while I try to keep it together, and be there for her...
God I hate cancer, such a nasty sneaky disease!!

So for now, I'll concentrate on finishing that infamous sewing machine cabinet.
I could also use to regain some space in my shop.

First up is to glue in the last piece on the top

I'm doing the same thing as previously.
Glued in a small piece whittled to fit.

Bring it down to size, then a light sanding of all the areas I touch up

The original opening in the top had a darker colour finish than the top itself.
That's a good thing, it will hide my big patch in the original hinges location.

Next, another light sanding to knock off some of the dark colour spots that made it to the top.

And then the fun part, how to best blend the new with the old on the show surface of the top

Since I have lots of maple in the shop, left over from my days of making shadow boxes for retiring service members, it would probably be a good idea to experiment with stains concoctions on scrap maple pieces.

The "Boss" Then, LCol, now Col Thauberger teasing me about my shadow box, he knows I made it myself. Me, telling him; Be careful Sir, the varnish is not quite dry yet! :-)

Worst case scenario, I will simply sand the whole top and refinished it, but I want to try if I can blend in my repairs first.

Next up, finish my display area in my shop.

I picked up the glass shelves a while back, just need to pick up a few support pins and sleeves, along with the sleeves setting punch tool.

Glass shelves, pins, sleeves and sleeve setting tool.

I like this design better than the original fixed pin one from LV.
Fit more comfortably in the palm of the hand while pushing sleeves in.

Need to make some sort of face frame to be able to put doors on them... maybe.

Also need to rout my cabling and hook it up to a switched outlet.
Next, finish cleaning, tidying the area behind the built in bench.
Take down the patch work of wood panels and replace it with something nicer.

The last time we visited a friend, I noticed that her small stool on her deck was broken, so I picked it up to fix it.

Got a dowel to fit.

She previously glued it back with Polyurethane glue but it fail... of course
It need a dowel to reinforce that junction.

It cut surprisingly easy.  It also look like expanding foam, but it was glue. 
So there you have it, when they say polyurethane glue has no structural strength, they are not kidding!

Jigged the leg for drilling.


Cut dowel to size, then glued using epoxy, since that 
little stool resides on her front porch outside.

Next, work on my corner storage, it is somewhat functional, but it surely could be better organized!!

And that leave only one wall to tackle, the one with shelves besides the saw till.

I want to mount my miter boxes on a board to store them and used them on the bench.
I previously made a trial with my current sharpening board.
All three of my Miter Box fit on the same size platform:

Craftsman Miter Box

Stanley No 61 Miter Box

Stanley No 150 Miter Box

Same platform with a bench hook can be used on the bench,
or used on a dedicated station.

It would be a similar construction that I made for the sharpening board except that it would be banded with a lip on all four sides.

And then there is my main bench, which was restored last Spring,

it has been recently thru a period of heavy humidity, until I later started the dehumidifier, so it should be done with its stupid wood tricks by now.  Time to have a look and correct if required, lets get the winding sticks out!

I'm happy to believe that it must have, surely (are you sure?) stabilized by now and the bench top is ready for a tune up.

I do not want to reduce the top thickness much, so instead of traversing, I will simply take a pass on the high spot.

That should bring closer to level without removing much material.
It's wood, it is going to keep on moving, but it is now relatively stable.

That should keep me occupied for a little while, like I said, I sorely need the distractions...

Bob, working with a heavy heart.
Sometimes I just want to cry...


  1. I'm listening to you brother and it is all right to cry. Try not to do around the tools you'll cause them to rust. Keep blogging and keep busy. You and Heather are in my thoughts.

  2. Bob,

    Thanks for posting, I can only echo Ralph.


  3. Ralph and Ken, Thank you guys, and anyone else that left comments or keeping her in your thoughts. It is much appreciated and she is very determined to beat this thing, one more time!


  4. Bob, I'm rooting for you both and hoping that positive thinking counts for something. Hang in there!

  5. Hi Bob,
    why not blogging that? Blogging ensures distraction too. And it's your web-log. You don't have to provide value to your readers every time.
    I can understand how you feel and that distraction is important to not think about the same things again and again.
    Seems that you found the right things to do. Maybe in a few weeks there is a bit more room for doing something fancy.

  6. Sorry to hear this.
    I can not add much to what has been said.

  7. I am so sorry to read about that and I pray she can overcome this. Meanwhile, it is true that you have to think of distractions for yourself (and maybe for her, too) so you can get a more positive light out of these things.