Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Done with the sewing machine cabinet swap

Got to finished the top repairs; on three spots,

Beside each new hinge location 

And in front by the small swinging door

I am happy the way they turned out. The only thing I missed was on the hinges patches, I was so focused on matching the glue line that I did not pay enough attention to the grain direction.  As a result, on both pieces, the grain runs slightly askew to the panel.  I did better on the last patch, I think I nailed it on that one :-)

Next the coloring, staining, matching start.
The inside rim was a lot easier since it is darker than the top.

In progress, 1st coat.

I'm not crazy about my attempt at matching the patch area, I need to do some more practice with stains, and then I realized (well actually Heather is the one that pointed it out me :-) I wasn't using stains I was using Stain varnish, no wonder I had a hard time to color the wood...
Anyway, the top could use a good sanding and to be re-finished, so that would have to do for now. That is also what I was considering, would have been lot easier, but did not have the time right now, have much bigger preoccupations.

And in the end, my friend is happy, I'm happy, everybody is happy.

Cabinet closed

Cabinet open

Cabinet fully open

And out she goes...

Thinking back on the trouble I had with my "stains" on the plane till project, I obviously need to get the right stuff and get some practice under my belt.
Like a lot of woodworkers, the finishing is what I dread the most.
So must suck it up and practice, practice

Bob, with a stain on this job


  1. Real nice fit on the last patch pic. Staining, matching, finishing, etc. is something I don't like nor am I that good at. It's always a good feeling when everything comes to together like in the next to last pic.

  2. Thanks Ralph, I'm happy the way my patches fitted in, but not very happy with stain blotches, not my best results for sure...