Thursday, January 24, 2019

Taking care of business

Tool`s maintenance that is...
Long overdue, it`s the bane of any tool hoarder,  err I meant tool aficionado :-)
The more you have, the more you are gonna have to clean, restore, sharpen tune up and etc.
It never really end, cause rust don't sleep...

Recently, I do not have much shop time.  Jean is re-re-arranging the living room, so that gives raise to many small projects and, YES, trips to the stores :-)

We just recently mounted the TV to the wall and rearranged the room around it, but the piece under  has already been replaced and I just now realized it :-)

Gone under is the small table replaced by the desk which used to be at the entrance,
meaning another has moved to replace it and, and...
That pic is off the air with my outside antenna BTW

During my last project, mounting the TV on the wall, I had to resort to hand brace and hand drills to install it, my power cordless driver and drills being at my daughter place with a few more tools...
While using them, I noticed that they were overdue for a trip to the wire wheel, so off they went.

They were degunked, stripped down some parts soaked in Evaporust then wire wheel at my drill press. Finally oiled (WD40) and then the wood parts rubbed down with Howard  Feed & Wax.
This being my new regimen to service my tools.

Stanley Rule & Level Co
New Britain USA

No 984.
The handle ferrule is brass, work hardened and cracked (as they are often)
and its plating wearing thin.

There was some flaking plating gone under the head and the handle ferrule plating is wearing out.
Other that that, she is all de-rusted and purring again.

Full box ratchet, Barber`s chuck, Rosewood or Cocobolo head and handle.  A very handy tool to have and a keeper.  Must figured out how to hang it in my boring till...

You know I just could not stop there, so as I put back some tools in the boring till, more came out to the garage. De-gunked, strip down, dunk in evaporust, wire wheel oil and waxed.

That went on for a few days, need a break from it now :-)

Next was my MF No 2, it was getting gunky and harder to operate. Now, understand that even gunked, she is still a good operator, but cleaned and oiled?  WOW,  that is one smooth running hand drill!

 Gorgeous Cocobolo handle.

Millers Falls No 2, earlier model with the little wheel 
to keep the gear meshed down under pressure.  Brilliant design!

Millers Falls Co
* No. 2
Millers Falls Mass

Took me a few minutes to figured out how to remove the drive wheel,
The wheel adj. mechanism was solidly frozen together in rust.
WD 40 did the trick.   The center offset shaft push out from the wheel, wheel comes off and the driving wheel can be removed.

That one is a sure candidate for a repaint job, the frame has loss most of its black paint, well worn.
And the red on the wheel is a mere shadow of its former self.  I will strip the paint then repaint it at a later date.  Cannot spray inside for some reasons that escape me :-)

Then, in no particular order, the following that were in my boring till all came out to play and got cleaned,

This poor MF No 1, which normally reside inside my carving tool box, got separated and was found lying at the bottom of a plastic container which got water ingress.
She is in pretty sad shape :-(  But fear not!

Stripped, cleaned awaiting reassembly

From L-R
MF No 1, MF No 5 and Stanley No 626

So How did that poor No 1 came out??  Pretty good, I`m happy

The handle was what I was the most worry about, 
it had a clearly tell tale line and discoloration from resting in shallow water.
Pretty well gone if you ask me, pheww...

That unique and smaller chuck is great to hold small bits which is why it normally stay inside my carving tool box, I used it to pierced holes for the fret saw.

The frame is pretty bare in places, would have to be repainted to protect the frame.  The side handle knob was still solidly frozen last night, today she finally broke free after numerous soaking in WD 40.  Back in service, purring again.

MF No 5 is next:

The newer looking brass ferrule is a replacement from LV.
It had a cracked handle which I previously repaired.
The wood parts are starting to show a crazed finish, would need stripping and refinishing later.
The red paint is in good shape, but the frame has some bare spot.

Stanley No 626:

The black paint on the wheel is near perfect, but the handle finish is peeling off in chunks to bare wood.  Not sure how I will address that.  Obviously a strip and refinish job, but how to best duplicate the original finish??  I am all ears if anyone has suggestions...

Yesterday output:

Previously did a pipe wrench, one from Dad, which saw numerous plumbing jobs … and was getting a tad rusty, so why not? :-)

1/4 inch to 2 inch pipe wrench.  Another candidate for a repaint

And of course a lots of brace bits and C-Clamps.  Definitively need a break from this routine :-)
Meanwhile, plus 12 Celsius today, so our skating rink is all melted again...

Yesterday we cleared the snow and the kids were skating on it.

Today, its all melted again.

But I cannot still removed my last projector left over from my Christmas light decorations. 
Still solidly frozen in the ground.  I'm afraid it will have to fend for itself all winter...

Bob, switching gears.  Another trip coming up soon


  1. Bob,

    "..It never really end, cause rust don't sleep...". Unless you live in the desert. Anywhere else and my tool hord, stock, collection, whatever, OK I admit to having a problem but I'm working on it, would be much smaller.


  2. Bob I would like to see a pictorial on how you refurb/rehab the chucks on the drills.

  3. I love that little wheel on the MF #2 that keeps the wheel tracking properly. I'd never seen that before and wondered how one might fix the wobble when there is only a single small gear to mesh with the wheel. The MF #5 handles that with two small gears that mesh with the wheel - a more robust design. Good stuff!

  4. Interesting comments Matt.
    I thought like you until I put my hands on one. The roller is mounted at the end of an offset shaft which can be turned with a slot screwdriver to adjust it so it just kiss the wheel. I long favoured the No 5 because of its dual gears, but this No 2 is bar none much smoother with less resistance. A very clever design, which they later abandoned for two wheels like the No 5 in later models, sadly . Why? I have no idea. They were the only one with that design features. others like North Bros and Goodel Pratt had a wiper on the wheel instead of a roller, but they were short lived...
    This design is superior and Rock!!

    Bob, who fell in love with his No 2 as found, now its much better cleaned up and oiled :-)

  5. OK Ralph, coming up next time I resumed my refurbishing marathon.
    Not much to it, wire wheel the outside of the shell, which the best way to derust knurling, by wire brushing. I try not to removed the jaws unless I have reasons too. Stuck, sticky, broken springs etc. For the most part, injecting lots of WD40 and working it back and forth will do the trick. Why hesitant to open the chuck? Those damn springs have a mind of their own, especially on smaller chucks like on handrill. I have currently two bugger up :-(

    Bob, who lost some spring in his steps

  6. Hi Ken
    Hummm warmer in the winter, dry weather, little to no rust...
    Maybe I should store my tools at your Casa :-)
    Watch for airdrops coming up :-)

    Bob, were it went from minus 10 to plus 12 in the garage about condensation everywhere bummer

    Rust never sleeps here in the Great White North Im affraid

  7. Bob,

    Send them down. I'll give 'em a good rust free home :-).


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