Wednesday, June 20, 2018

You know I had to...

You know that box that was labelled "Rabot" (Plane in French)…

Well, its been nagging me for a while, I just had to take a break from my cleaning up the shop, landscaping, cutting the grass, working on a few small projects etc. etc... and finally I broke down and decided to open it today and see what I got misplaced for a while . We got back here in Jun 2011, so that box sat unopened until now, 7 years later...

This is what I found inside

13 wood planes, 1 folk sculpture, 2 large and 1 small C-Clamps, a dual beam marking gauge and what I was most excited to see the light of day again...

… Was my hand made from scratch model of my first plane love the mighty CP107 Argus
It was detailed and painted by my good friend Rene Laliberte when we used to be next door roommates in the Base barracks 219.

The poor girl has a broken back and droopy wings.
Wearing the markings at the time we worked on her, late 70s

I used to have a large collection of Canadian military aircrafts models, all detailed by Rene, but throughout my many moves since my singles days on base to now, most are reduced to piles of broken parts.

That one is special, one of a kind, and I will restored her to her former glory. will no doubts required new props...

The folk carving that I found is from a late local folk artist, it too suffered from a few moves, but should be easier to restore, everything seems to be present.

As for the newly rediscovered planes, they will need a third plane till for sure, the two current ones are bursting at the seams.  I will also be more selective in the ones I will keep (famous last word)

The ones from the box. I was looking for the sash plane on the right when I wrote about these planes earlier...Maybe I'll update some pics on that blog now that I found it.

Full, NO Vacancy neon sign flashing

extra storage … in need of a new home

So I guess I know what my next shop project is, a third plane till...

On the landscaping front, we are experimenting with a future picket fence location for Rudy. We are trying with mostly Cannas plants, because last year they grew to 6 ft, we have lots of them (more every year :-) and it should give us more privacy for now.

This antique cast iron string line is a real treat to use.

Line marked, excavated, starting to plant..

And done... almost, she added some more flowers up front

That should quickly gave us an idea of the effectiveness of a fence in this area.
I have been busy cutting trees around my property line in preparation for putting up a fence for Rudy.
Between frost warnings and fire bans it is taking me a while to clear my piles of brushes by burning  them

The scene a few days ago, got a pile of logs too big for my loopers

Cut them all by hand...

With these two tools...

Oh, that thing? Yeah, I cheated, but heh still cutting by hands :-)

On this site, a future shed. More trees to come down

But that would have to wait for the next burns, in between fire bans.

Meanwhile picked up this Stanley No 18 and a North Bros No 2H Yankee 
in yesterday Chocolate run (Tm)

Bob, who is quite busy lately.


  1. Bob,

    That is a haul. Waiting 7 years to open? Maybe you've been a bit too busy. BTW, another package of chisels showed up yesterday. I'm not sure what will become of all the extras but whatever I've got to get a handle on tool storage...And my tool jones.

    The yard looks nice, I'm not sure what all that green stuff is but it looks nice :-). BTW, is green the summer color of snow?


  2. Yes Ken, here in the summer (??) we spray paints our snow banks green while we wait for Mother nature to make up her blip blip mind :-)

    Ah yes, tool storage, as I so pounder while sitting on the floor of my shop surrounded by tools... hummm where, where. 1st class world problem I know :-)

    Bob, pondering over a glass of Rye on the rocks