Saturday, June 9, 2018

The Boring till finale....

Well its about time, having started in May 16...
Lots has changes since, my life, the numbers of tools competing for space inside the till and me trying to own back my shop.

For whatever reasons, it took me 2 years to complete it, surely one of my most longer projects.
But, Heh, time to celebrate now, it's hanging on the wall loaded to bear 

This Saturday, I worked a shift at the Wood shop on the Wing, so I yet again dragged my Boring till and its tool holders.

Did some sanding, to erase my markings pencil notes
Did not take long to cut the slots on the bandsaw, then more sanding

I know, you are wondering what is that thing on the sanding bench???

I dunno, but guessing a presentation piece for 413 Sqn,
our Search & Rescue Sqn on the Wing

Slipped my tool holders in their designated places
to check for fit with some tools.

Once I was happy, I drilled and screwed Robertson wood screws.
You can tell by the screwdriver standing proud on the screw :-) 

Three (3) behind and two (2) on each sides, should be plenty strong.
No glue. want flexibility

Finally, this is what took so long to  get there

You know I had to try it...
The two (2) up front did not fit in these holders...yet

Also more work on finishing the pieces for a small hall table muck up (Tm of Brian)

Then I had both wood and time left over so I start mucking up the front of the boring till, 
Thinking of putting pegs to hold one brace horizontally (wooden braces)

Of, course, the way I have it now, it negate the uses of the slots on the holder bar, so that wont do, But I just want to get a feel for some ideas I am working on... Sigh, It is never finished is it... ? :-)

The till is back at home, but before it does gets screwed to the wall, I and going to removed both holders, gave them a coat of some finish, and gives the whole till another coat of paint, it has been around for a while and it shows...

And then, hold your breath.... I put it on and load it with tools... OK take a deep breath out now....

Next up on deck is figuring out what to do with the space under the window.
Need some space for drill bits and etc.
Chisels racks
Most used tools holder of some sort and whatever else tickle my fancy...Squirrels!

Bob, glad to finally see that project almost complete, yeah....
Oh, and I need another plane till, found a box of planes recently in my cleaning up :-)


  1. Looking good, Bob. But does it even hold half of the boring tools you own? Just wondering ...

  2. You are correct Matt, it barely hold a few :-)
    But the idea is to only keep a few on hands, the remainders rotate in and out of storage as required.
    At the end of the day, whatever does not hold on my Walls of tools (Tm) I probably do not need....
    Says Bob with a straight face

  3. Thanks Ralph, it sure is

    Bob, thinking, its a good thing I don't procrastinate :-)

  4. Bob, congrats....I think :-).

    What doesn't fit on the wall you don't need? Yeah, sure, while maybe true I get a big picture of that. BTDT and I'm still buying tools :-).

    BTW, I like the execution and utility of your Boring Till, wish I had wall room to do something like it.


  5. Thanks Ken
    Its my standard shop furniture construction. Dovetailed box with a back panel inset in rabbet. All the fixtures inside my “boxes” are just screwed, never glued.

    I bet you would find wall spaces if you were to re-organized the shop.
    Its a quick process, trust me... :-)

    Says Bob with a straight face, all fingers and toes crossed