Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Picking away at the Honey Do list...

Yesterday, we went to Halifax, for our monthly African Violets club meeting.
1St Halifax African Violets Society, it was Heather last AVs club, I stayed on as their secretary.

Went we go, we often used the occasion to do a Lee Valley and Costco run, cause you never know what you are gonna find :-)

Today Jean went to visit family members, I stayed on to work on my to do list.
 First on my list was to put in the new kitchen fatigue mat by the sink.

Pretty good, sit flat, rounded edges do not catch your foot.
Comfortable, for Cdn $19.99 its a steal at Costco.
I will be buying more on my next trip for the shop

That LED magnifier lamp is from Lee Valley. Bought it for my sharpening bench
but apparently, Jean like it too, so I may need to pick up another 

Next, on my pile was the outside lamps for the back deck and the pet carrier

These two lanterns were Cdn $39.99 each at Costco. Good solid construction,
LED and light sensor to prevent activation in daytime.

These are the ones, I salvaged years ago

The new one is more substantial, seeded glass.
May need reinforcement on the wall to secured them, it's heavier.
I did put in LED bulbs in the older ones

And the mounting bolts, put the top of the lantern above the upper siding board.
Not gonna cut into it to fit, will mount a wooden platform under to raised it

About 5 years ago, I stripped and cleaned these two outside lamps, then sprayed them black.
The other one fared better, but I did not removed nor stop all the oxidation going on, and the paint failed. Yes aluminum does not rust, but it surely oxidized, leaving a powdery white substance, paint wont stick to powder. 

Ok, so I cannot proceed on this one, need to figured out how I am going to handle that back board for the new lamps. Got some ideas, will figured it out later, moving on...

Meanwhile and in between many other jobs, I have been plugging away at the resurrection of a small table for Jean's sister. The poor thing was in rough shape, falling apart, delaminating (probably hide glue) but thankfully, the loose parts were still with it.

Took apart the top to re-glued the two missing pieces, the top veneer was peeling off, so I took it out.

The bottom one was still pretty well attached, so I left it on
and glued it back as the two outer pieces went on

Obviously Canadian made, it is using good old "real" Robertson screws

The under surface, with the stand removed

Improvised clamping for the first piece going back on..

Using the beam on the floor as a make shift clamping arrangement,
using nails to glued the last piece on. Weight on top helps keep it flat

The only causality when I removed the top veneer.

Glued the rip piece back on, then later misted with water both faces and
put under the beam with maple batten to flatten the piece

The piece that was popped out, was re-glued using tape as a clamping device

When I did the first one, noticed the next one was also about to separate,
so pop it out and re-glued.in similar fashion.

Looking at it closer, I can see that the whole piece was made up of laminations, and they are all coming apart. Massive glue fails, no doubt because it was outside or in a barn for a while...

I am not going to take the whole thing apart in order to re-glue it all... Instead I will put in Krazy glue in the small cracks and epoxy in the wider ones. It is after all a last ditch effort to salvaged it. Future plant stands no doubt... These glued ups took part over the last week or so. Currently awaiting the epoxy to dry. Once all re-glued, I will give it a sanding and a coat of primer, she will paint it later.

 Next up to bat is the Thermometer/Hygrometer to be installed on the small greenhouses covers

Come with a template and a special drill bit, cool.

Strange looking bit, beefy cutting edges

OK, I should have everything to make a mess, err I meant work
Yes we had a few people over for Easter :-)

Template stuck in place, piercing a hole with a drilling awl

On both covers, I back up the drill with a piece of wood

The holes are not too bad, better in the softer plastic ones
Thinking a Forstner bit would had done a cleaner job, but heh

Checked on both, fit great.

Hum, better clean up before she comes back, heh Rudy?

And talking of Rudy, tried his new carrier...not so sure about the fit, but it was the one for his size...

Medium dogs, 10-20 pounds. Rudy is 15 wet or dry

OK Dad, I'm exhausted from all this walking around, lets go for a snack...

Meanwhile I still trying to figured out how to unstuck a frozen Buck Rogers No 100 push drill for a reader. I know how it comes apart, but his is stuck. Probably caused by that stupid greenish grease they were using at the time, it often caused gears to freeze in braces mechanisms and etc.

Trying to figured out if some chemical may work wonder??

Bob, taking Rudy out for a walk :-)


  1. One busy man!! Do you hire out?? 🙄

  2. Hi Bob,
    there can't be many more items left on the "Honey Do" list after this campaign.
    Could some penetrating oil like WD40 etc. perhaps work for teh stuck push drill? It will dissolve grease and still lubricate things a bit. So it might be worth trying, and it smells better than regular diesel oil.