Friday, April 13, 2018

Finishing the small stand

In between family diners for Easter and etc, managed to get some work done on the small stand.

Starting to ease the edges in , blending the repairs

The previously re-glued tabletop with PVA glue was re-enforced
at the critical junctures with epoxy in the gaps 

Veneer piece that was ripped from bottom,
re-attached then sanded flat

The stand was sanded, some more areas cracked filled then primed. After yet another round of filler and sanding, two coats were done.
This is in prevision of Paul further painting the stand later.

Finally after a good soaking with water spritzed on one side and spending some quality time under weight, to help flatten the veneer top, it was time to re-attached it to the table top.

The curvature was greatly reduced, but it still needed lots of clamp under maple batten to make sure it was fully adhered everywhere.

After dry, and a quick sanding it was its turn for primer

Also spend some times cleaning up two recent acquisitions; A. Monty wooden planes from Roxton Pond Qc.
If that location rings a bell, it was because from 1907 until closure in 1984, it was Stanley Canada tools works location. If you have ever came across Stanley Canada tools, this is where they came from...

Both plane bodies were given a good scrub with a worn blue scrubby
with Murphy oil soap, until rinsing the scrubby stop getting dirty water out.
Once dried overnight they both received a coat of finish restorer
like I used on the BBM. Later they will get a coats of rubbed in wax 

Both the wooden beds and wedges were cleaned up and one of the iron assembly soaked in Evaporust overnight. The other iron has been previously wire wheel brush, does not need de-rusting.

I dunno if you noticed, but the attached cap iron is wider than the blade itself.
This means that the blade assembly is not original.
The correct width being that of the cap iron itself

 And since I killed my heat gun during works on the BBM, I used the kitchen oven to dry it.
Set oven for 200 F, put the pieces in before it reached that temp, then after 5 or so min, turn off oven, leaving the pieces in.. When I removed the blade after about one hour or so, it was still warm, but could be easily handled with bare hands.

In case you were wondering, Jean is away for the weekend,
so I was able to used the kitchen stove :-)
And yes Honey, no smell, no mess. Promise!

I am not hardening nor tempering the blade, simply drying off the water which was used to rinsed off the chemical and rust, grunge etc. Failing to do so will result in flash rust before long.

The cleanup blade assy. out of the oven, besides the other one
which was previously wire brushed. Still need a sanding/polishing/sharpening

Here you can really see the width differences.
The cap iron is 2-1/4 in wide while the iron itself is only 2 in 

So obviously a made up blade assy. Hard to tell while looking at it in the plane body, the blade was solidly wedged in there. Will obviously need another blade assy. Not to despair, I just happened to have a few tapered irons here and there :-)

A further post will explain the relationship of Monty and other plane makers of Roxton pond and how it all became Stanley... Hint it was in a bid to go around trade wars (tariff) and opened up the British Commonwealth market. (Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Britain and other colonies)

Bob, still scratching his butt about cracking open my Buck Rogers push drill No 100. I know how it  is supposed to come apart, but one of my example refused to be opened up... I don't want to damaged it...


  1. Bob,

    I've been without adult supervision for a couple of weeks now. It is amazing how much trouble you and the critters can get into. We have to clean up our act and the house tomorrow as the boss is back Monday.

    Those are a couple of good looking woodies, I hope you can find an iron and put 'em to work.


  2. Yap, so true. Which reminds me she is back today, better get cracking :-)

    NOT to worry, I do have a few spares blades :-)
    These two will become users yet, again

    Bob, and Rudy who got up early this AM looking to see if his Jeannie was back yet...