Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Happy 4th of July to my Americans friends

Not sure what you have to celebrate this year, but Heh, make the best of it :-)
Polite Canadian political rant :-)

Yesterday we went to the city (Halifax), to spend the day by the waterfront.
There is always something interesting going on, this week we have a visit from a US Navy aircraft carrier, the CVN 69  USS Dwight D Eisenhower .
She is on her way back to home port after a deployment. She was here for both Canada Day and the US 4th of July... Back in my days it would had been... :-)

Pretty impressive. At dockside there were two big cruise ships also, the Cunard's Queen Mary 2 and the Holland America's Maasdam

CVN 69 

Framed by the 2 cruise ships bow
For security reasons, she is berthed by McNab island

Cunard's Queen Mary 2
Samuel Cunard was born in Halifax and became a shipping magnate,
 pioneering steam ships between England and Canada 

Holland America Maasdam

After all the rainy weather we had recently, it was a great sunny day to explore the waterfront. Had a lovely lunch on a waterfront restaurant, the Bicycle theft

My new love, Jean

Eating outside by the wharf, we could get Rudy to stay with us, 
along with a few other dogs :-)
 He was well behaved and attracted lot of attention

Myself, enjoying the weather and scenery.
Oh and the food was great too :-)

The bike sculpture by the restaurant

Love this sculpture. yes, it was made like that...
The Diptych got drunk and fell down, feature a fallen light standard, while a second lamps seem to look on with concerns. 
This playful installation points to mischevious behaviours often witness in our cities and waterfronts.

Theodore the tug boat.
From a children TV show that was made here in Halifax

Scenes around the wharf
You don't often see fishing boats here, lots of fishing villages around the coast.  these two must had came for refuge from the sea or supplies :-) 

The other day, I came across an article that claimed that sniffing Rosemary (the herb) can increase your memory by up to 75%, Wow!
So you know I had to try that :-)
I looked at our herbs garden in the kitchen and realized that we did not had any Rosemary in it. Well, no wonder I forget things!
Miraculously, I managed to remember that long enough to look for one in our travels 
AKA will brake for tools and nursery :-). 
Luckily, I vaguely remembered why I needed such a plant and bought it.
Back home I gave it a rigorous, scientific testing to  validate such a memory claim....

Me sniffing the Rosemary.
All these years, I had been doing it wrong, sniffing the roses! :-)

Suddenly, I remembered all the projects on my never ending To Do list, and decided... Nah, lets have another cold one instead !!! :-)

So there you have it! It works but not recommended! 
You would have no more excuse for putting things off... :-)

Talking of which, I am so overdue to clean up and reclaim my hand tools shop downstairs. Time for action....

Bob, sipping another one....


  1. Thanks Bob,

    It is good to have mostly sane neighbors. Sorry we can't be the same.

    Looks like a great day, MsBubba would kill for one right now....I'm not sure but I believe it has been over 43 C for several weeks now.

    I've been doing Rosemary wrong all these years as well, oh well someday I will learn,

    the critters send a woof to Rudy,


  2. I just spent the weekend in Mendocino, CA and there is rosemary growing wild in many places. Smells great. Maybe that's why the people up there love it so much. ... Although it could be the other herb that is so prevalent up there - which has the opposite effect on memory!

  3. You are welcome Ken
    Here is hoping you had a great day
    Wouf :-)
    Bob and Rudy

  4. Hi Matt
    Funny, but you would think both plants compensated for each other :-)
    Ah the power of herbal medicines...