Saturday, July 1, 2017

Canada day ramblings

Today is Canada, as we know it today, 150 years birthday....

I was planning to finish the plant's bedding and fix my flag pole...but... that did not happened, nor did much work got done on fix a chair in the month of June...

Oh well, life gets in the way. And life is too precious and short lived, to worry about small things like that.

I feel fortunate to live here, in Canada, I cherish my liberty and freedom.
I gave most of my adult life protecting this hard earned way of life.
We are not a perfect society by any stretch of the imagination but, we like to think of ourselves as polite and well mannered...(except on ice during a game of Hockey)  :-)

 So I had to compromise and put up another flag mount, this time on the side of the house, with a few days to spare before today... :-)

View from our little cozy bistro corner

Meanwhile, I started digging the flower beds up front. Widened the existing one and made a new half moon, behind.

I was pleasantly surprised at the depth and quality of the top soil

Never had much luck with my front grass, more weeds than grass. The Valley soil is very sandy, left over from glaciers passing by a while back :-)

I did not thought I had much top soil on it, but everywhere I dig, I find good, deep soil. Mind you, that big expense of grass get beaten down by the sun all day. Whenever I finished landscaping, building a new driveway to the back, moving and adding some trees, I would have to install some sort of irrigation system. We had such a system in Ottawa, but it was a postage stamp piece of land... Works great but you have to disassemble some components and blow air through it to clear all water for winterizing. Will see what is available by the time I get to it...

This is what it used to look like in 2013 
before a wind storm broke my flag pole (rusted at the bottom)

Done, next prepare soil and plant bedding material.
My new flag pole would go approximately at the same place

My small Rototiller, currently in the shop
and her John Deere workhorse

And the chair? Well, I did moved it inside the garage, it was in my way for the tractor, were it is now is also in my way, so I must do something about it :-)
Miraculously, no other parts have been broken or lost, but more joinery came loose. It is looking more and more like a complete tear down and re-glue job.

So while technically while we are still in June (June 31st :-) I should be able to finish it still in June.

Meanwhile, Rudy made a lot more progress on his chair...

Ok, I will just lay here and be a good boy

What happened to the chair throws? I have no idea,
 but I think we know who is the boss of them

That was exhausting work, but I'll be done in June Dad

Got one almost completely moved

Bringing it down to the floor

Then taken to his people's couch

For some reasons he likes to bunch them up in a ball...
They also seems to be haunted, they have been spotted moving around 
the living room by themselves.

The gardens are producing nicely, one bed has been all harvested and new crops sown.

2 kinds of radishes; Champion, Scarlet globe. 

4 kinds of salads, 
 Iceberg, Romaine, Swiss Chards, Red leaf lettuce.

Its a tough job, but some one got to do it. 
Right Dad!

Bob, the gentleman farmer, short on time but with plenty of projects :-)


  1. The Canadian calendar has 31 days in June? Is it because of the 150th birthday? Happy birthday to Canada. With the humidity we have down here today I just may do some heavy duty sitting and sip some cool ones.

  2. just kidding, its a reference to our friend Brian Eve build a chair in June..ish :-) I reckon I should be done by June 37th :-)

    Bob, who is time challenged

  3. "We are not a perfect society by any stretch of the imagination"
    Ain't that the truth - especially the U.S. But it's better than the alternatives.

    Glad you're getting so much from your gardens. Happy Canada Day.

  4. Hi Bob

    Happy Canada day.
    I am impressed with Brian Eve managing to make a new recognized calendar. Clearly the days of the Gregorian calendar are numbered when facing such a strong competition from a calendar with 176 days in June.
    Boy what a nice long summer that would mean too :-)

    I hope you enjoy the day.

  5. Hi Matt
    Yap, sure beats the alternatives...
    Bob, the retired warrior and Peacekeeper

  6. Hi Jonas
    Yes indeed, Brian did it!! :-)
    Who knew there was so many days in June??
    BUt nonetheless, I shall find the time to finish that June :-)

    Bob, where time stand still

  7. Bob,

    My back hurts just looking at the photos :-). Happy B-Day I expect yours will be better than ours this year.