Friday, June 2, 2017

Small detour from my regular programming...

Thursday AM I went for a bread run in Bridgetown (love the bread from that little bakery, worth the run) and since I was not far from Annapolis Royal, I decided to go there with Rudy for my first Chocolate run (Tm) of the season :-)

This is what Rudy and I came back with...

3 planes, a chisel, and a cute little ratchet screwdriver

A center bead plane

A moving Filletster plane

A Stanley No 46 plane with 4 cutters

A Stanley No 750 chisel

A North Bros Yankee Handyman No 2H
parallel tip common ratchet screwdriver

Oh, and yes I bought chocolate, but none survived the trip home...Sorry Babe
Guess we will have to make another run  wink, wink :-)

I will go over my new finds later, meanwhile, back on the boring till contents

Bob, easily distracted by tools... and chocolate

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