Tuesday, July 12, 2016

More rodents problems grrrr

After removing the rodent nest that made itself a home under my car hood and proceeded to chew my wiring, they now have attacked the bird seeds food container.

Said container used to stay inside the house by the patio door, but we were having some moth issues (presumably from the bag of seeds), so it was booted outside inside a Rubbermaid container.

For the past few days, something has been driving Rudy crazy... I now know what it is....

Patience my ass, wait till I get you....

You can just see the little bugger around the far corner.
That chipmunk is quite brazen, eating under his nose, driving him crazy 

Were is he? Let at it Dad!

Not fast enough he took off faster than Rudy could go.

Quite a chewer, that container corner is all chew up, 
happened practically overnite...

Rudy sniffing his traces

Got it Dad, he is under the lower deck...

So my next project could very well be a squirrel's catapult!
I now declare open season on chipmunk and other assorted rodents.
Its Wabbit season, no Duck season, NO Rodents season :-)

To all of yous rodents around my property, you been warn!

Bob, plotting his next diabolic moves with Rudy's help


  1. No problem with rodents here, my Cat Army (four of them) keeps the critters away :-)

  2. Hi Denis
    Yah, im sure if I was to let him lose he would get it, but I keep him on his leash. Our front road is also a secondary Provincial Hyway (HWY 201) and has lots of traffic, ill be worry about him chasing it around. Sometimes soon I hope to make a fenced in area in the back yard were he could roam freely and get the little rodents... :-)

    Bob, who would probably see you soon

  3. Bob,

    You might win the battle but to win the war Rudy will need cat back up. Then the problem is corollary critter damage. Most of 'em were here before we were and will still be here when we are gone. You should have Pack Rats, nothing like dog turd art with your morning coffee :-).


  4. Bob, Rudy,
    what's going on there...? :-)
    I only know this problem right after the winter, when I see what these buggers have caused in the garage. Grrr...
    Don't get bothered too much.

  5. Ken you made me spit my coffee on my keyboard this morning while reading your comment :-) Dog turd art, well at least your rodents are artistic, mine are just bent on destruction :-)
    Yes, I sure cats would help keep it under control, when we lived in our old farm house, cats keep the place cleared of field mouses.
    Not sure I m ready to take on another critter right now in my life.

    Bob, wiping his keyboard LMAO

  6. Hi Stefan
    Sound like you have a shortage of rodents in your area, I could relocate some if you want... :-)
    These poor guys seems to be lonely in the winter and are taking their frustration in your garage. They obviously need companionship. Rudy and I could send you some if you ant :-)

    Bob, getting his rodents papers in order to ship them overseas :-)

    1. Dude, I'm praying now that the post man is not knocking at my door the next weeks. Who knows what will be in another surprise packet. :-)

  7. Damn, so much for the surprise effect! :-)
    Bob, plotting yet another diabolic plan houahaha