Sunday, July 24, 2016

Dog's day afternoon

The day started innocently enough... Turn on the computer to be greeted by a message that says Update to Window 10 free until Jul 29th. So I thought, well that probably meant they are about to ditch support to Win 7 so may as well...

Took bloody forever it took upon itself to scan and fixed all my drives attach to that PC, that's about 2 Tb of storage, yes lots of tools pics :-)

Oh yeah, I'm so excited...

Its like watching a submarine race... ZZZZ

That was in between publishing part 1 and 2 of the illustrated type study lists. Still have some small gripes about the updates but for the most part, seems OK, the new Microsoft Edge, which replaced Explorer, looks a lot like Google Chrome...hummm

So figured may as well leave it alone to do its thing and go play with Rudy :-)

I'm playing with my monkey Dad

Listen, do you hear that sound ??

Yah, i'm pretty sure its that Chipmunk

Well, what are we waiting for??

I know he is out there, I heard him...

I see him, lets go Dad!

I know he was there...

I can smell him...

Wait til I put my paws on you

You can run but you cant hide

Sniff sniff come out and play...
You yellow bastard, I'll bite your leg off 

In between chasing Chipmunks, we took a quick drive to my usual Sunday flea market scene, you never know what will show up :-)
Came across this Roadster, had to stop and take a gander...

Love the shifter pattern :-)

I don't think it is a very practical vehicle to drive but it sure looks cool

The scene Sunday morning at the Wilmot flea market

It is a scorcher of a day

That is the vendor table where I found my 
MF No 12 and No 2 and brace etc...
That Stanley Jack plane is a Type 19 BTW, which means the yellow notch rectangle Stanley is period correct

Lots of tools here and there but my picking is getting slim, 
hum wonder who is snatching all the good ones :-)

Picked up a draw knife $5 and a rusty Irwin bit for $0.50
That draw knife will required two new handles. A few minutes job at the lathe.

Earlier went back to my chocolate place in Annapolis Royal and lo and behold found more tools :-)

See, it IS a Chocolate place :-)
Says so on the sign above the door.

Heh look what they got. That place too is 
getting picked clean...somehow :-)
Says Bob with a mouthful of chocolate

Some how this Greenfield Tool Co screw arm plough 
with 7 cutters followed me home. 

No chocolate survived the trip back home, I guess I'll have to go back again...
I'll give him some time to replenish his stock, I made a big dent in his supplies :-)

And then surprise, this package came in the mail the other day, from Patrick Leach...

It is a Mathieson, Glascow, classic Scotch brace.

It was MS53 in his July tool list... Mine :-)
Pic from Pat's July 16 tool list

Also found a bunch of other stuff in my local travels, brace bits and etc.
I better stop buying tools this month and start cleaning and restoring then put them to the test :-)

Bob, who has no doubt overspent his monthly quotas...

That's the problem when no one is around to reason with you... :-(


  1. I would have stayed with WIN7. WIN10 treats your computer like it's a cell phone. You shouldn't have any problems using it.

  2. Yeah I noticed the Apps buttons...
    Heh, they got me early morning before my first coffee, I upgraded

  3. I resisted Windows 10 for a long time. One time they just started the change without my saying OK. The nerve of these people!

    Chocolate shop AND antique tools under one roof! What a unique business model!

  4. Nice Hot Rod. You only can see them on a car meetings here.
    Hunting for tools can be addictive. I resisted a similar wooden plough the last Saturday (Phew, one of the screws was broken). But some others followed me home.
    Help - I'm going to be a tool collector ;-)


  5. Hi Matt
    It was the first time that I saw the upgrade now free until the 29th.
    So I figured reluctantly may as well...
    Indeed it is a ver sweet business model, quite popular actually and the have others antique and used books. My perfect place to unwind grab a bite, finish with chocolate then tools, browse the books. The hardest part is to resist the siren's call :-)

    Bob, who has a weakness for chocolate, and books and tools etc..

  6. HI Stefan
    We have lots of antique car clubs, rally and shows here. Unlike regular cars which must be inspected yearly or every 3 years (new cars) and have a laundry list of safety features, if registering a car as an antique (must pass a certain vintage) pretty well everything goes as long as the engine start and the brakes works :-) Everything else is grandfathered...

    If you are looking for help from me about you going down the slippery slope all you gonna get from me is a push he he..

    Bob, the enabler one :-)