Saturday, May 21, 2016

Boring tools storage requirements

OK, I got my planes and saws looked after, now all I need is to come up with some sort of boring tools storage. What? Another boring till ? :-) "Well actually" I swear those were our youngest son Matt's first words :-)
I need two, another one for the power tool shop.

Frankly, I do not know yet what it is going to look like, but as usual let's first round up the usual suspects.

Then google woodworking brace storage and found these on Pinterest

which lead me to this blog

I like the look of it but definitively too small for my need
But I think I can use that as a starting point.

Lets see what I intend to store
From bigger to smaller

Hand augers; These are the large twist bits on steroids used with a T- handle
Do I need these? No, they are mostly decorative I suppose.

Beam boring machine: A sit down drill press.

Braces: Wooden and metallic. The original cordless drill, hold its charge forever :-)
My all time favorite is my Fray or Spofford metal brace, its chuck handle every shape of shank bits I can throw at it, securely. Sturdy and reliable.

A short selection of brace types to incorporate.
Perhaps 4 metallic brace of various sweeps?

Breast drills: The manly hand drills

Just happened to come across this MF No 112 breast drill this morning.
So now I have an older No 12 and a newer No 112.
Granted I do not need three but...

Handrills: The ubiquitous Millers-Falls usual suspects and one Stanley ...

Second from left is  a Stanley No 626 that I picked up this AM.
It followed me home with the No 112 :-)

Push drills: From Yankee styles down to the small jeweler's type

Gimlets and awls:

Various accessories for braces and drilling in general:
Spoke pointer, Hollow bit (These work together, so should remain together) depth stops, a large assortment of various bits etc. the bits will vary between the power tool drill cabinet and the hand tool room one.

Hand tool room:
Irwin, Jennings, Center bits, small assortment of brad bits for handrills
The cordless drill and Impact driver will also reside in the hand tool shop

Power tool room:
Twist bits, Brad bits, Forstner bits, Hole saws bits, small sanding drums kit.
Corded drills etc.

Not sure where such an animal of a cabinet will reside, I'm quickly running out of room on my bench wall...hummm I need bigger walls :-)

The space I plan on using is between the window and the power panel

Tried this holder to check the size required for various tools:

It holds push drills fine

Hand drills and breast drills fits

So does small push type drills.

So I guess I can start with that size holes to figured out my holding strategies.
I will then mock up holders to figured out my optimum spacing on a piece of cardboard to figured out my till size required.

And while I am starting to plan these small (?) tills, I also want to get starting in earnest on the bottom chest for my tool chest, and I have other small projects on the horizon with my son Matt, and there is a myriads of small things left to finish around the shop...

So I am probably going to be alternating back and forth between these as time permits. My biggest problems right now are my knees. My left one is giving me fits and the stairs to from the basement shop is no fun :-(
I have recently been diagnosed with severe Arthritis in both knees, so that makes me officially old I guess...
I should not be surprised, it is the typical lot of an ex-serviceman, lower back and knees shot. Man was never designed to carry umpteen pounds of gear on his back for long distances. Thankfully I was Airforce, only did that sort of silliness part time, my Army buddies gets it much worse, they also jumps from a perfectly serviceable aircraft with all their gears on, me I just land with the plane thank you very much  and I never had to eject :-)

Bob, planning his last major projects in his ongoing shop re-organisation... I think? Oh and perhaps a bigger bench down the road?? Now where is my Voltaren??


  1. Is there any room in the house for you Bob? You could give the Eric Sloan museum a good run for the money.

  2. Well actually... It is good to have one of everything, that way you can really tell what is a good tool and what is not.
    Seriously, that's my story im sticking with it :-)


  3. Hi Bob,
    impressive collection of boring tools. I also started to rescue them, whenever I find them in a spare box on the flea market.
    I don't want to stay with all of them, but I find it for example useful to have a second brace at one's fingertips.
    The storage solution you found are looking pretty useful.
    Maybe I can adopt the one or other to hang my braces at the wall.


  4. Hi Stefan
    Ive tried various way to hang braces, the most space efficient is to hang them either by the chuck or the head. To hang them sideways takes too much spaces.

    Bob, hanging tools on the clothes line to dry :-)