Sunday, May 22, 2016

Boring till preliminary design

Today is a slow day, catching up on yard works and etc...
Rudy is so much help...NOT! :-)

Anyway, figured out my max space available, about 25 in external dimensions, in order to fit between the window and the service entrance. The height? Not sure yet.

So armed with a piece of cardboard cut 25 X 27 in, I try some layouts, to get a feel for the space it occupied.

I'm thinking put the braces and hand drills on the top row
and the pushdrills etc in front.

Depending on the depth of this box I could possibly add one more row at the bottom of the cabinet for small accessories, specialty bits etc.
Deeper yet and I could add the bits on small hinged doors in front of the braces and handrills?

Did some figuring out with my sample holder to guesstimate the spacing's

At about 25 wide (outside dimensions) I can put in 11, one inch diameter holes spaced at 2 inches, for the handrills and push drills.

The holes spacing for the braces works out at 7, one inch and 1/8 hole spaced at 3-1/2 in.

Figured out my optimum spacings, or did I ?

Quick work at the drill press and bandsaw, turned my two scrap boards into holders. Could not reach in for the last cut with bandsaw...

Braces, work great, good spacing.

Push drills etc, no problems, room for my big paws.

Hand drills...Not so much. Definitively too cramped

And the one inch holes are too big for some.

So obviously need to re-think my handrills holders. Need more space and a better way of holding them. Maybe from the handles?

Getting there, still don't have the final dimensions, but I can visualize how it is going to fit in my space and roughly what it will eventually hold inside.
And from my experiments look like I will be taller than 27 inches, as per my cardboard template.
Must also finalized what tools I am going to put in there.... YES, I have a "few" more to pick from :-)

And then there are the few that will not make it inside this cabinet:
The hand augers, and perhaps the breast drills (?).
The barn beam boring machine will obviously not reside inside such a till, but some of its accessories could, bits, wrench etc.
BTW, I did found a proper bit for it :-)

Not sure yet if I want to bother putting the bits selection inside of this boring till or somewhere else. For now will go with the notion of putting the drilling bits in a separate storage solution.

Bob, trying different layouts on the floor with Rudy helping or interfering??


  1. Hi Bob,
    I guess you should distract Rudy with some dog treats :-) - while laying out.
    I thought a while about storing my hand drills. I think I would hang them at the chuck and add more spacing.


  2. Humm im affraid he goes thru dog treats faster than I can lay out :-)
    Im still on the fence regarding hand drills storage, not sure if I want to hang them by their chucks or their handles...