Monday, December 3, 2018

Dealing with storm damages

For the last month or so, we have been getting strong winds storms, one after another often with rain.
We did not had any broken trees, but some got a good trimming, quite a few broken branches here and there.

So after a few more pruning's, it was time to bring back Dennis and cut a few more trees and some more serious pruning's. We got lucky so far, but to prevent further damages some had to go...

The house inspection at purchase time, 2011
The parking area is surrounded by a few big trees, Maple, Oak 

That crooked oak tree between our two Lincolns (2011) 
has since grown and some of its branches are now over our vehicles,
 despite the occasional trimmings thru the years.

An early trim scar (2011) on the maple
Soon the cut will be fully enclosed and become a dead knot

The oak drop a few branches lately but somehow managed to missed both vehicles (car and truck)

At first I was just going to gave it a trim, but then decided, why take more chances?

So down the tree came.

Of course, I saved a couple of logs (oak)

That should also reduce the squirrels activity near our parked vehicles, hopefully...

With the tree in the back gone, 

and the maple to the left trimmed
should be able to handle safely the next storms.

The big oak in the front yard also got an haircut, especially the lower branches that were over arching the driveway

and you probably noticed another tree missing in this pic, in front of the big oak.
Looking at this pic, it need a few more lower branches trimmed on the right

There was a small ornamental maple (not native of this country). It probably got stunned young for lack of water or food, but it fell sick and was being taken over by ants.  Down it went, to be later replaced by another , hardier one.

That tree center was rotted
very spongy.  No I did not saved any of it

We are technically standing at the bottom of the sea, well a few millions year ago, but the valley soil is very sandy, hence lots of ants. The soil, the bogs, the peat moss and some areas being irrigated by the relentless tidal bores, make the valley soil very fertile.

On the right of the house, there is a cluster of three oaks.  Besides making a mess in my gutters, the one closest to the house was removed before it became too big.  The two others are getting a respite for now.

This house was built in 1976, thru the years some of the early landscaping decisions are becoming a problem(s).  Some of the ornamental trees have not been cared for early on and have since succumbed to diseases.  Their growth severely hampered.  Others trees and shrubs species were planted too close to the house and will soon caused more serious problems.
Foliage are too close to the house sidings and gutters, the roots will eventually put pressure against the cement block foundation (weak spot) and on and on.  Time for some corrective action.  In some case that mean simply removing a tree or transplanting shrubs away from the foundation.
But fear not, we are replacing many of these trees that we cut down. The new ones would be better suited for our climes (Humm maybe a Saguaro?? :-) and located further away, with room to grow.  Free ranging trees I guess you could say :-)

Yah, I'm pretty sure there is some squirrels activity in that oak, Dad
This past summer, the bushes by the side of the house got a severe trim

The oak closest to the house is going out

Of course I saved a log, but I may also try my hand 
at splitting and riving a few piece of firewood

There also a small overgrowth ornamental shrub -tree-ish that took a severe incline due to strong winds. We removed it to make room for a future greenhouse.

My new pile of firewood awaiting to be piled.
And yes, I burned some of my previous firewood already

I am taking advantage of this crazy weather, plus 9 C today..!! to clean up most of it before winter start in earnest.  I may lit the firepit one more time this season, will see what the weather looks like.

For the first time this year, I never got the right weather (too cold, too hot, to wet) and time to touch up a few areas of paint on the house.  Hopefully will have the right weather next spring/summer.

Bob, trying to keep up with the never ending yard work.
You know what I'm up to for a little while, weather permitting


  1. The last oak looked like a good log to saw into boards. Know anyone with a sawmill to do that?

  2. Oh yes Ralph. That's why I am keeping small logs. Small so I can move them. Those 2 oaks at the bottom of my parking area are a tad heavy.. hummm

    Bob, scratching his bald spot

  3. Bob,

    Our house is a couple of years older but pretty much the same vintage. I know of which you speak. No Tree problems, Tucson dontchknow but here in the desert they did strange things when building. BTW, I think a Saguaro would look great next to your house:-).

    For yard work I just write a check, MsBubba gives me a side eye each time but I can live with it.


  4. Hi Ken
    Yah, I thought you would get the Saguaro reference :-)
    HOuse and tard wwork, it never seems to end. That's why in my next phase, I don't want to have to do any of that... Just feed me and ill be happy :-)

    Bob, whose back is starting to cry no mas no mas