Monday, July 2, 2018

Guess what?

That's right, I have been cleaning up the yard, ever since Dennis dropped all these trees on my property.

Can only burn on prescribed days at prescribed time.
That was our first and only fire so far

The weather is now finally summer hot, we have a system stalled above us which is bringing hot temps, day and nite. We have Humidex and heat stroke warnings, for the week. Temp today was 32 with a humidex of 36 C and its going to stay for a little while.
Ken would call that winter weather for his neck of the wood, but for us SkiDoo lovers, it's hot en Tabarnack!!

Inside joke for Ken
Picture a hoard of these coming over  :-)

One of the two maple logs I kept

The tree stump is still oozing out sap, the whole top surface is saturated with it.
That is why normally trees are fell in the winter when the sap is dormant (at its lowest)

Rounding up the logs from around the yard

And some more

I find it very impressive that Dennis cut all that
 from tree standing to this pile of logs in just a few hours.
Took me longer to assemble this pile :-)

Those two Norway maples had their bark infected with that tar spot virus.
See the black on that log

Because the sap was running when it was cut, the bark will separated from the log as it dry. 
Notice the bark and the log don't evaporate the free water at the same rate, causing the bark to crack

The variety of size in my pile

Between my age, my back and the temps I am forced to work mostly early morning, before it gets too hot. And even then, I have to pace myself.  I am no Spring chicken no more … apparently

The pile I have tonite.
All the tree tops and branches on my lawn have been stripped.
I'll check if I can burn tonite??

Between stops were we go on a road trip to visit friends, instead of me slaving away in my yard, its progressing good, I can see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.

That has been occupying all my time and then we have the grand peanuts over for two weeks.
So not much progress around my shop lately, except that I am still getting it ready for the little ones.
We should play in it soon :-)

Ruby-Jean brought her puppy dog to play with Rudy

Rudy is not quite sure what to make of it.
Should I tear its ears off or just lick it??

Bob, who gets around thanks to Voltaren Emugel.
Oh, Babe, I think we need the Costco size... :-)


  1. Bob,

    ROTFLMAO, but where are the torches.

    See my comment to Ralphs post on how I handle the heat here in the desert SW.

    BTW, back in my motorcycle riding days I taught many riders how to ride safely across the desert, tank to tank, through the heat of the day. I remember one ride across Death Vally when it was 118*F and I got the giggles because I could feel the heat boiling around me but I was chilled.

    Sorry for the OF, there I waz digression.


  2. Bob that is a very nicely stacked line of wood. I started sweating just looking at it. What are you going to do with it?

  3. HA HA Ken, I taught you would get the joke :-)
    Rudy is about the only one around here who loves this heat.

    Bob, taking refuge from the heat

  4. Thanks Ralph
    Yeah, when doing such routine meaningless jobs, my inner OCD often kicks in to keep me amused and motivated :-)
    Now, if you"l excuse me I see a few sticks sticking out.
    17th sticks from the right, move back a little. Remainders, dressing…

    Bob, who used to carry a big stick

  5. Oups, sorry, pushed the button too fast.
    What I will do with that nice pile of wood?
    Most of it will becomes next year firewood, some I will resaw and try to makes some small trinquets with it, just because...

    I did salvaged two logs of Maple and one of wild cherry, these will be resawn in small planks.

    As for the firewood, I may give some away if someone else is in need and cant afford it.

    So most of it will go up in smoke and some will get to live on in various objects I have in mind, from pens to small boxes and maybe a small cabinet??

    Bob, with the amazing never shrinking to do list