Saturday, April 1, 2017

Finally progress on the boring till

This is turning out to be a very sloooow build...
I was asked to work a shift at the wood shop today, 1000 to 1600 on Saturdays

So I brought along my pieces and finished cutting my dovetails. Someone asked me why I did not uses the dovetail jig in the corner... Too noisy, makes a mess and I don't like the look of router cut dovetails thank you...

So keeping within the scope of were I was I donned ear defender while chopping my dovetails with Gerhard's Jenesaiquoi persuader :-)

I played with it a few times but this was its first real workout. I love it!
Nice heft and balance, make quick work of chopping. Well done Gerhard and thank you!

two sides done

All sides done and dry fitted

I did not bothered gluing it, but gave it a quick check for squareness, good to go!

Next would be cutting a rabbet in the back for the back panel, then glue it, clean up the joinery, prime and paint it, then put the back in.
Once that is done, the fun part would be to make suitable holder for the tools intended for it. Said tools selection has kind of grew since I first start this project...hummm decisions, decisions...

While I was there I spotted another sign of Spring...

The Air Cadets glider launching winch are out in the parking lot...

14 Wing Greenwood is home to large Air Cadets camps here in the summer.
Part of their program is teaching the kids to fly in a glider. I went up with them once, pretty cool, no engine noise, just the sound of the wind.... And they glide a lot better than a fighter jets, these tend to glide more like lawn darts :-)

Besides this ongoing built, I got a draft started on a blog entry on how to adjust and use my EC Stearns Hollow auger, it is a request from one of my reader following a recent blog entry.

So I wont "bore" you anymore and will catch you on the flip side

Keep your stick on the ice...

Bob, the dovetailer


  1. Way to go, Bob. I'm sure it felt good to take saw and chisel to wood for this project so long in the planning.

  2. Hi Matt
    Yes, you are right, it sure felt good to make some progress :-)
    It was quite a treat to use Gerhard's persuader (Matt Tm), it look unconventional, such a short head, but it sure felt good in the hand. Good heft, well balanced, love it!

    Bob, who is going to stop on this project and work on my presentation for my monday's Rotary meeting. Another of my pet project :-)

  3. Nice fit on the pins and tails. How wide is the board, it seems to me you went overboard on # of P/T's?

  4. Who me going overboard Ralph? Say it isn't so :-)
    The sides pieces are 6 in wide, and I used 5 Pins per sides.
    Overdoing something would be Par for me, but I think it is just about right in this case. Good practice if anything :-)

    Bob, putting the finishing touch on his plan for action for the Rotary meet today

  5. Hey Bob

    This post made me very happy. It is quite weird to think that a tool made in Namibia (partly by me) has assisted a top class woodworker such as yourself to do such excellent work. I am glad you found it useful. That same task will take me weeks, so you clearly have done it before. It looks fantastic.

    Gerhard, rotting away in deep dark Africa with the Zuptas.

  6. Hi Gerhard
    Good to hear from you, yes i did found your Jenesaisquoi persuader (Matt Tm :-)
    Quite handy, love the heft and feel of it. It will quickly becomes my new favorite dovetail bashing tool per excellence :-)
    Ok i gotta ask, what are Zuptas??

    Bob, who woke up Rudy for his morning ablutions, he is now back to sleep