Sunday, January 8, 2017

Winter has finally arrived in Nova Scotia...

Well, parts of it have been snow bound for a while, Cape Breton and area mainly, but here in the Annapolis Valley it is our first real snow fall, we had a black Christmas...

Thru last nite and this morning we had our first share of snow, but I am pretty sure I am not going to get much sympathies from my family and friends in Ontario and Quebec, they had more than their share of snow already :-)
Ahhhh  I feel your pains, aches and I smell like gas ....

This is what greeted Rudy on the back deck for his morning ablutions....

There is more than 3ft of snow on the back deck

Yes there are two vehicles down there...

The back deck, I carried Rudy in my arms down to a spot I made for him

Yes, it look pretty and boohhahh but man, it is no fun to play in...
... Unless you are a young kid. To me the novelty wore off many years ago... 

Cleared a small spot with my boots to put down Rudy.
Heh, do you mind I'm trying to p... here

I had my snowblower serviced recently, as I do every year, filled the tank and away we go... Well not so fast sports fans, I still got these older metal swinging garage doors, so they won't open if they feel resistance from the snow outside....

So I must first shovel my way out the front door to the garage doors to clear enough of a space to open the doors to get the snowblower out. Ah the inhumanity of it all ! (say that while holding your arm over your eyes, it is more theatrical :-)

Oh, here are the vehicles. My car is now almost as tall as her pick up truck..

Having open the doors, down the driveway we go

Halfway there, looking back...

Looking forward...

My new girl friend jean cleaning up the vehicles.
Yes, she is a keeper, she has a pickup truck and shovel snow :-)

Almost done, both vehicles cleared, but I ran out of gas...

Well at least I ran out near the garage and not all the way down by the road ... 
has happened before, oh what joy to curse in both official languages :-)

So has I sit at the keyboard, warming up my fingers by typing, smelling gas and awaiting to go get some more, then going to rejoin her at her place and do it all over again, except that she has a school bus in her driveway, takes a while to cleared out :-)

School would probably be cancelled tomorrow, more snow coming our way overnite and in the morning, we still have to get her bus ready for the morning school's runs

Bob, getting Rudy to go out and rejoin his beloved Jean :-)


  1. Bob,

    I can almost remember your pain :-). In the mid 70s and the sun is shinning here today, shop door is open, I'm in shorts and a T, no Whisky in hand yet but soon.


  2. About the deck, I designed it with removable panels on one side. So before winter I unbolt the panels. Snow clearing is simply a matter of pushing snow off the deck with a wide shovel. No more lifting. An idea for you.

  3. LOL Ken, yeah im sure you remember... been so long ago :-)
    I had the garage door to the power toolshop opened today too, but no T and shorts im affraid, just dressed for pushing the snowblower out the door :-)

    Rudy is not too fond of this snow....

  4. Hi Norm
    Great idea, when i redesigned the back deck, ill take that in consideration.
    Today got to use the ridiculusly long snow rake to clear the top of her bus,holy cow, not easy to maneuver :-)

  5. That looks like a serious snow blower. I guess you've got to have a serious snow blower if you're going to live in the Great White North.

  6. Hah ha you got that rigth Matt, that one came back with me from the Saguenay region, where anything under 10 HP is sneer at by the snowbanks :-)
    That snowblower is 10.5 HP with a 30 in bucket. Biggest i ever own had a 32 in bucket arg arg arg

    Bob the snowman

  7. Hi Bob,
    man, I can't remember when I have seen so much snow. We haven't seen any snow this winter season until now.
    But on the other hand....shoveling snow isn't great fun. Except one have got a real men tool. :-)
    Beside of that I recognized a little detail and I'm really glad that some good things happens to you.

    Stefan, with an open eye.

  8. He he Stefan, good eyes wink, wink. :-)
    Its only a typical winter storm around here, how often they do happens is what makes every winter different. Just back from shoveling the back deck for Rudy, boy do i need a break.... and the winter has just started, yeah....

    Bob and Rudy wearing their snow parkas :-)