Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Happy birthday Rudy

Today, the 15th of June,  Rudy is 1 year old.

Back in the last fall, when things were quickly going from bad to worse, she mentioned that we should get a small dog companion.

That was the strong hint that Heather wanted a small puppy...
That his our friend Susan's Blue Bell

So at the end of Oct this little guy "followed us home"
He was 4 months old at the time

We quickly bonded as you can see

One of his first engagement was to be a part of our Christmas photos.
What we did not knew at the time was that a new tumors had metastasised on her neck.
She felt sick and we had to cut short our photo session.  

We still managed to get it done, what a trooper...

His next photo session was for his first Christmas picture.
Oh what fun that was to line up with numerous dogs for that pic...
That is when he discovered his barking voice :-)

When I'm typing my blog, he likes to be part of the action

He was just what the doctor ordered, a faithful companion...

Until the end...

So today, Rudy is one year old. Happy birthday little guy, you have given us so much already.

Bob, who is gonna give him a bit of ice cream to celebrate :-)


  1. Rudy,

    A happy B-Day to you....I hope Bob does right by you.


  2. You're giving him doggie ice cream, right?

  3. Sing...Happpyy Birthday to ya, happy birthday....

    @Ralph, for sure...doggie ice cream.....what else?

    @Bob give him a little doggie treat from me.

  4. Rudy says thanks for the whishes, and yes he had some ice cream :-)