Monday, November 2, 2015

Meet Rudy

We have discussed many times getting a small companion dog, but I have always resisted since our retirement plans always involved travelling abroad and it would be easier not having any attachments at home to worry about.

Since 2002 we had no ties at home, the dog passed on, the cat and the kids left home etc, for the first time in our lives we could go anywhere on moment notice.

At the time she was quite involved with African Violets societies and we traveled around the US and Canada to convention and shows, she entered plants wherever we went (travelling with show plants is quite something!)

Years ago we did not needed a passport to go visit the States, I just show my military ID and leave pass. Once we were going down to NY State were she was invited to judge. I shown my typical identification, told the border agent I was a Warrant Officer and my wife was a judge... Didn't finished my sentence he gave me back my papers, saluted and said have a nice trip your honor... As we were driving away, I told her, I don't think he understood what I was trying to say :-)

Due to her illness she pretty well given up on her African Violets but we are still tentatively planing to go to the next AVSC convention in Calgary next spring.

Well those travelling plans in our retirement years are pretty well on the back burner and realistically may never happened so...

She wanted a small dog companion, how am I to say no to her.
She could ask for the moon and I would get it for her....
So yesterday we went to an interview and meet her chosen puppy for the first time, and would you know it, it follow her home :-)

A small detour to the pet store and a visit to our friend's Blue Bell, she jokingly told Rudy she was taking him to see his older girlfriend :-)

They got along fine, he is well mannered and calm and not a barking dog, bonus.

Rudy is a Chinese crested powder puffed dog  the nearly perfect dog for his intended purpose, be a constant companion to Heather till the end.

Heather with our friend's Blue Bell

Of course I had to be on board with it since I'm the one who would likely be around the longest with him. Have no fear, we bonded rather quickly :-)
He would becomes my next shop dog. I doubted he will ever be able to carry 2X4 around the shop like Jake did (Bearded Collie) which is OK with me since I now have a smaller shop :-) Jake was a herding dog who like to herd everything in piles, wood included :-)

Jake our faithful companion of 15 years

So now I better puppy proof my shop and make sure he does not chew my wood supplies or tools :-)

Rudy with his little Elvis jacket han han han

Bob, falling for puppy love


  1. Rudy doesn't seem to mind having a blue coat on. Is it that cold up north now? It's supposed to be in 70's here tomorrow.

  2. It went up to 12 today, the rest of the week would be colder. This kind of dog doesn't have much if any hair on their their body, hence the jacket for his frequent trip outside. By now we have explored every blade of grass in the backyard, tomorrow will try the front yard and the ice of the house :-) the breed is also hypoallergenic, a nod to one of our son.

  3. Saw a tee shirt once that said "Plus que je connais les hommes, plus j'aime mon chien". (probably mussed up the spelling and conjugation....)
    No finer friend and companion than a puppy!

    Bon chance and regards,

  4. (( hugs )) nuthin' like puppy love!!

  5. Bob,

    Good move....Critters of any size make live worth living. Our two Labs are a constant joy. Form the early morning petting frenzy to the snoring beside the bed at night. I just looked in the bedroom and Sam was sitting beside the bed and he gave me his "hey, come to bed I want to go the sleep" look.


  6. Paul, Mike and SnowRoad
    Thank you guys, yes unconditional puppy love is always good therapy.

    Bob, trying to type with Rudy at the keyboard :-)

  7. Ken, I got Rudy a small tennis ball, but he is still too small to grab it, will "stick" to twigs for now :-)

    Bob, trying not to disturb him while typing, all this morning running around seems to have finally tired him...

  8. A dog is a wonderful animal.
    Congratulations on getting a puppy.

    I laughed when I read the "judge" incident at the border. Good thing there was no further questioning.


  9. Bob

    Good on you mate, you are a brave man. We have 2 German Short-haired Pointers, one Miniature Pinscher and one Chihuahua!!! Please send my best wishes to Heather.

  10. Hi Bob,
    a nice enrichment. He seems to be a cute one.

    Keep the face!

  11. Very nice entry! Glad that Rudi has found such a good home!!!