Friday, February 27, 2015

The plane till

I have long outgrown all my available spaces to properly store or displays my tools. As I now find the time to properly organize my shops, I am striving to downsize my large assortment of tools to choose from into a more manageable tool kit and have it readily available at my disposal.
That means racks, shelves, tool boxes and various tills.

Years ago, I found this small joiner tool chest.

After reading the Schwarz's ATC I was inspired to either build one or try to fit my downsized kit into that small chest. Well it didn't took long to figured out that it wasn't going to happen! Much as I tried, there is no way I could consolidate my most wanted into this small container...

Sooo, on with more storage options.
First up and probably the most long neglected and sorely needed is a proper plane till for my must have planes. After much deliberations with myself, I got it down to 52 ish planes!
Don't laugh, that still leave 60ish with no home.
OK, I have much more room to downsize even more, but heh, its a start :-)

As soon as I figured out how to includes pics on this newfangled blog thingie's I will document the construction project.



  1. Good first post Bob. You'll get the hang of the buttons. I did it by hitting each one and seeing what it did.

  2. Bob,
    Glad to see you caught in the web!

  3. Thanks Ralph. I'm pushing buttons allright! Have some issues with explorer 11 and Blogger, it does not recognize it and gave me fits with the pics, had to use my IPad to load them, very convoluted!!

  4. HI Karen
    Thank you, yes, this old Galoot is catching up with the 21st century :-)

  5. Congrats! I know that it is a big step but I am sure it will be very rewarding. Looking forward to reading your posts.